LVT (in this Texas municipality) begins as mildly regressive, and becomes lightly progressive over time.

"Researchers examining property tax incidence often use the Suits index to measure a tax system’s overall progressivity (Suits, 1977).19 The Suits index can vary from –1 to +1, with –1 indicating maximum regressivity and +1 indicating maximum progressivity. An index value of 0 indicates a proportional tax. I compute a Suits index for the LVT system separately for each year and report results in Table 4. The index is slightly negative (S = –0.0125) in 1997, and then steadily increases to 0.0226 in 2006. The trend of values suggests that the LVT becomes slightly more progressive over the 10-year period. However, all index values are very close to zero, with values ranging from –0.0125 to 0.0295"