The Library of Economic Possibility

A knowledge platform for the next economy.

The economy is in a time between paradigms. The variety of capitalism that rose to power in the 1970’s – which we call neoliberalism – is dying, while the new, without a name or a coherent program, struggles to be born. Our mission is to build a platform that empowers bold ideas with potential for deep change by bringing all the research together, in one place, and making it accessible to all. A new paradigm is emerging, and we can help it along, one good policy at a time.


Everything about a powerful economic idea, in one place.


Insights are The Library's building blocks. We collect them from academic papers, reports, and experiments, making them available as an "insight card" that offers some context, and makes it easy to discover related information.

The Library

Our knowledge-base does the hard work of collecting insights from a variety of places - academic research, reports, real-world experiments - and organizes them all in one place, so you can surf, discover, and use the information to power your own projects.

…the performance of Western Capitalism in recent decades has been deeply problematic. The problem is that these failings are not temporary; they are structural.

Mariana Mazzucato & Michael Jacobs, Rethinking Capitalism