Impact of employee’s job satisfaction on organizational performance.

"Employee attitude is very important for management to determine the behavior of workers in the organization. The usually judgment about employees is that “A satisfied worker is a productive worker”. If employees are satisfied then it will create a pleasant atmosphere within the organization to perform in a better and efficient manner, therefore, job satisfaction and its relation with organizational performance has become a major topic for research studies. The specific problem covered in this study is to scrutinize the impact of job satisfaction on organizational performance. It considered which rewards (intrinsic and extrinsic) determine job satisfaction of an employee and its relation with organizational performance. It also reviewed the influence of age, sex and experience of employees on level of job satisfaction. It also covered and investigated different events which can satisfy the employees on jobs, their retention in the job, and why employees stay and leave the organization. Data were collected through conducting detailed field survey using questionnaires from different employee (exit interview of outgoing employees) groups like management, senior managers, managers, professionals and support staff from five profit/non-profit sector organizations. The data analysis shows that there exists positive correlation between job satisfaction and organizational performance."


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