Guaranteed income should be paired with public banking to ensure all citizens have access to their payments.

"Even the Social Security Administration must deal with the problem of the “unbanked” or “underbanked.” Though most SSA program (OASDI, SSDI, SSI) beneficiaries receive their benefits electronically through monthly direct deposit, a substantial minority instead receive prepaid debit cards through the Federal Direct Express System. This limits the risk that recipients will turn to check cashers or other third parties that might siphon of much of the benefit. But, as with checks, prepaid cards can be stolen and may also be lost in the mail. This can interrupt crucial aid and force recipients to apply for a replacement. Ultimately we need to invest in a system of seamless digital payments and, in turn, a public banking option so that every individual has an account to receive them. There are diferent ways to accomplish this, including Postal Banking, Fed Accounts or hybrid systems. We do not take a position on which is best but simply note that public banking architecture is crucial to maximize the benefits from a guaranteed income policy."